About ROI SEO Expert SEO Consulting And Services

About ROI SEO Expert SEO Consulting And Services

business consulting servicesROI SEO was founded by one of the top SEO gurus in the world to tend to the current high demand for honest and effective SEO companies – morals and standards that in the past have been very hard to find out of SEO firms.

Search engine optimization is not luck or magic. Search engines follow complex mathematical algorithms in order to rank a website for certain search queries, which basically means that there are sets of rules and tasks that a website must abide by to establish high rankings for any given search query. These rules are always changing, but the message behind them will always stay the same – search engines just want the most relevant site to send their users to, in order to create the best search results for their users. Connecting search engine users with the website that they want makes the internet a better place not only for the user, but for the internet as a whole.

Here at ROI SEO we fully implement this philosophy, and following this has led us to create websites that rank at the top for highly competitive keywords, and maintain those rankings for a long time.

Guaranteeing Search Engine Rankings

Some SEO companies will try to guarantee you top search engine rankings for your targeted keyword/phrases. Many times these companies will say this just to get your business, but leave you with very little value from their services. ROI SEO vows to provide our clients with transparent, sincere FREE Consultations with the purpose to brainstorm and figure out what is the best option for you to ensure the highest possible return on investment from our Internet Marketing Services. After all, it’s OUR Reputation on the line.

About Our Management

The president of ROI SEO started his career in SEO and Business Consulting by having a single e commerce business many years ago. Our president quickly saw the value of ranking highly for the keywords which were searched relating to the products he sold on his website, and vowed to learn how to get his website to the top of all major search engines efficiently and effectively in terms of time and cost.

10 years later our president now owns an arsenal of e commerce websites, all of which net over 7 figures a year. The word quickly got out that he knows how to achieve top rankings, and small businesses to large corporations came knocking on his door begging him to do the same thing that he did for himself to their website. While our president still maintains some focus on these e commerce websites, search engine optimization and helping other businesses achieve the same success is what fuels his fire.

Contact Us

If you have any other questions that were not addressed in this section regarding ROI SEO or search engine optimization in general, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page, or feel free to Contact Us and we will get back to you right away.

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“Practical and Brilliant! Steve’s consulting and motivation has kept me on track to the strongest profits I have ever had, even in a recession.”
Joel Midili,
Property Prep

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