Site Analysis And Strategic Planning

Site Analysis And Strategic Planning

Site Analysis And Strategic Website PlanningThink of  the site analysis and strategic planning of your website as “the backbone” of your whole online presence. Without developing a proper plan and guide to follow for your website, your website will never reach it’s full potential and much of your time, money and hard work will go to waste.

Many ROI SEO clients come to us asking for either Pay Per Click Advertising help, search engine optimization, Online Reputation Management or our Proven 12 Step Broad SEO Program, other clients come to us just asking for a strategic online marketing plan that their in house team can follow.

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ROI SEO Strategic Planning Includes
Search Engine Optimization & Much More

website usability

If Your Site Is This Hard To Use, You Are Losing Valuable Business

While most SEO and Internet Marketing Services will jump the gun and move directly into Search Engine Optimization, ROI SEO goes much further than that. We understand that the website itself is a big part of the marketing process, and should be treated like it is.  We take into account everything that is on the side of the user as well as on the side of search engines in order to be the most effective. If a website is at the top of search engines for various keywords, but is hard to navigate and bad to look at – then many times the user will just hit the back button and leave your site, taking their business elsewhere. On the other hand, if you have a well designed website that is easy to use but not properly optimized for search engines then very few users will ever find the website and you will be missing out on the bulk of where all traffic comes from on the internet, the search engines. In the end, all of these factors will combine for the return on investment of your website.

Part of our site analysis and strategic planning is fixing these errors in website functionality, cross browser compatibility (how the site renders in different browsers) as well as creating a search engine friendly website structure. After we have addressed these issues we can move onto increasing conversions on your website by bringing in lots of your Target Market customers who are very interested in your products or services.

Competitive Analysis

Another part of the ROI SEO site analysis and strategic planning is doing a comprehensive competitive analysis. This involves looking at your top few competitors and weighing the strengths and weaknesses of your website against yours. We will then determine exactly what areas they are beating you in terms of their online presence, and what we have to do to beat them in these areas. In the competitive analysis not only do we focus on their strengths, we asses their weaknesses as well so we can widen the gap between your competitors and your business.

Assessment Of Which Online Marketing Services You Need,
Which Ones You Don’t, & Others That Will Help

The last part of the ROI SEO site analysis and strategic planning will be to take all of this information into account so we can decide which internet marketing services you need to be competitive, the ones which will help, and the ones which you don’t need and will only be a drain on your overall ROI. Unlike other online marketing firms, ROI SEO vows to be completely honest and transparent in this process and only recommend the services which will increase your overall ROI – not just the ones that bring us in the most business. In the end we want your business to be more than happy with our services – after all word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing (after SEO, of course).

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